Fixed Moon-Circuit Hacker forces you to discard regardless if you choose to draw a card


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Moon-Circuit Hacker is played or ninjutsu'd successfully the first time it enters the battlefield.

On the following turn if it deals damage to the opponent, you are asked if you would like draw a card. If you decline, no draw or discard should take place. If you say "yes" it draws and forces discard like normal, however if you say "no", it is supposed to not draw or discard. If you select "no" it does not draw a card, and yet it still forces you to discard when you should not have to.


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When Moon-circuit hacker atks next turn after enter on battlefield if you chose dont draw a card, you need discard anyway
When you have 2+ Moon-circuit hacker on board, you cant chose order of triggers (when you have another trigger together "ninja of deep hours" , can chose order)


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The first part looks like a duplicate of

As to choosing the order of the triggers of two Moon Circuit Hackers (MCH), one which entered this turn and another that didn't, it is possible but not intuitive. There's an option to autostack triggers in the MTGO UI which automatically stacks triggers of the same type and it autostacks the MCH triggers even though they are functionally different. If you disable that (it's on by default I think) then you can manually stack them.


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Title is self explanatory

How to recreate this bug

Step 1. Have Moon-Circuit Hacker in play after the turn you casted it
Step 2. Deal combat damage with it
Step 3. Decline to draw a card

Declining the draw ability still forces you to discard the card as if you chose to draw a card.

League match this impacted
Game replay #827783442