Not A Bug Tishana´s Tidebinder ignores ward

Hallo everyone đź‘‹

got the following boardstate:

I got a "Patchwork Automaton" on board and a cast a an artifact.
Trigger on stack, opponent got 4 Mana and casts in response to that Trigger "Tishana´s Tidebinder".
He targets the trigger and the "Ward" of my Patchwork Automaton didnt come up.

It was super annoying cause this case lost me, in fact, the game. :cautious:

Is this a bug or am I completely wrong?
Something like "Tidebinder targets the ability, not the creature", which would be some nonsense to me, sorry.
You cannot target a "text" :ROFLMAO:
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This is definitely a case of Ward working correctly, but not intuitively at first glance. Tishana's Tidebinder targets a activated or triggered ability, and while that ability may have come from a permanent with ward, it isn't directly targeting that permanent itself.

  • 702.21a Ward is a triggered ability. Ward [cost] means “Whenever this permanent becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter that spell or ability unless that player pays [cost].”
it isn't directly targeting that permanent itself.
First of all, thanks for the answer :)

Well, explains why this doesn´t work in MTGO. But it´s pretty new to me.
(same happens with Hexproof btw)

Nothing against you personal, but when did Magic starting with "Targeting abilites"?
I mean you always target a permanent. I can´t target the Power / Toughness or it´s mana cost.

Let´s say i Fatal Push a Goyf with hexproof (CMC = 2). So he still got hexproof and is an illegal target.
So my Fatal Push fizzles.

I just checked it on another forums and i seems to be right answer.
But that kind of "targeting abilities" is some grey area here.

I guess Tidebinder openes questions like this.
WOTC seems to love to see people go crazy about the rules :D
Same happend, when Urzas Saga came out ... rulings over rulings.

Thanks anyway :)