Could Not Reproduce The bug between Phyrexian Censor and Portal to Phyrexia


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Username ID: ador
Game ID: 838946780 (ador vs. yoshiwata)
In the last game of the last match in a Vintage League, a really strange thing happened. After like 10ish turns doing nothing, I tinker for Portal to Phyrexia (PtP) and wiped my opponent's board. They deploy a Phyrexian Censor(PC) the following turn. I didn't counter it because I didn't think it would affect my plan. The issue is, when I tried to "reanimate" my own Hullbreacher discarding earlier using PtP in my upkeep, the creature entered the battlefield tapped. It should enter as normal because PtP gives it type "Phyrexian" and PC can be ignored. Next turn I tried to "reanimate" my op's Archon of Emeria sacrificed to PtP, it etb tapped as well. And because of that, I lost that game.
I really hope you can solve the problem soon. It seriously affected the competitive game play because both Iniatitive and blue Tinker is a big part of metagame. Thanks!
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Game ID: 849595550

I cast Reanimate on a Phyrexian Metamorph in my opponent's graveyard, chose to have it enter as a Blightsteel Colossus, and lost 12 life instead of 4.


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I’d actually love to have a judge weigh in on this one. My understanding was that because Phyrexian Metamorph has a static ability that sets up a replacement effect that changes how it enters the battlefield, and copies all characteristics of the chosen creature or artifact (including mana value), that the loss of 12 life is correctly implemented.

But I’m not a judge and could be wrong.


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Just tested this one, and can confirm that this bug is still present. Reanimate is causing life loss based on the card Metamorph copies when it etb’s, not based on its mana value in the GY as it should.