Could Not Reproduce Sideboard panel forced me to submit an extra card in deck


During a legacy league match on Oops, All Spells! (61 cards deck), my opponent was playing extremely slowly. They took about 12 minutes to play the first two turns of G1.

Sideboarding for G2 was fine, the opponent played somehow slowly but not that much and they eventually picked up the pace.

When G2 ended, they had about 3-4 minutes left on clock and my sideboard panel thought I had submitted a 62 cards deck and didn't let me take out one card I didn't want to play.

Step to reproduce on opponent side:
- slow play and consume clock.

Step to reproduce on my side:
- add 12 cards from sideboard to deck by double clicking on each of them
- start taking out cards from the deck by double clicking on each them
- sideboard panel refuses to take out one copy of Leyline of Sanctity (double clicking does nothing, right click does nothing)
- double click on another card like Turntimber Symbiosis to move it to sideboard and the sideboard panel refuses to submit a 61 cards deck
- double click on the copy of Turntimber Symbiosis in sideboard, deck goes up to 62 cards, sideboard panel is happy for me to submit the deck
- submit a 62 cards deck anyway because that game has already been a slog so far and I just want it over :D

Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot of the sideboard panel, wrongly thinking I could do it post match. When I opened the G3 replay panel, though, I noticed the game is proceeding with a 61 cards deck (54 cards in deck, 7 in hand) but I have no idea which one was in and which one was out.

I've attached the game ID of the last match, the one affected by the sideboard bug but the rest of match information is as follow:
- event id 267775456
- G1 id 874481144
- G2 id 874482198
- G3 id 874482702 (attached to report)