Not A Bug Possible Reconstruct History Bug

Hello again,

I bumped into another possible bug during a match tonight. I went to cast Reconstruct history with no Artifact and no Enchantment in the graveyard. It instantly told me "No other legal targets to choose from" and wouldn't allow me to choose the Sorcery, Instant, and Plainswalker I had in my graveyard. The card clearly states "Choose up to 1 Artifact, 1 Enchantment, 1 Sorcery, 1 Instant, and 1 Plainswalker" on it, which means I should be able to bypass any that aren't in the graveyard to get to the other card types. I then sacrificed an Artifact and tried casting Reconstruct again. I could then choose the Artifact I just cast, but when it tries to look for an Enchantment, I get the same message "No other legal targets to choose from" and everything else in my graveyard is greyed out and unchoosable.

The way I see it, it should be able to skip passed any of the card types that aren't in the graveyard since it says "up to" on it, so I should be able to choose zero, but it acts like I MUST have all the card types available before it works. Here's a screenshot of what happened after I sacrificed an Artifact. Hopefully this can be resolved, or it was a bug with that particular game. I don't know, but it's another card that doesn't work right, or didn't for this particular game.

Game #: 863944840
Event #: 265133393