Fixed Mosswood Dreadknight triggers after opponent stole and sacrificed it.


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At first I was not sure if it's a bug but I thought I'd report this since Customer support suggested posting it here:

So I played Mosswood Dreadknight.
My opponent stole it with Claim the Firstborn and went on to sacrifice it.
Since Mosswood Dreadknight is worded " may cast it from YOUR graveyard..." it was surprising to me when my opponent was able to cast it as an advanture from my graveyard.
Pls delete if this is how it is supposed to work.


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Had a game where I attempted to cast Mosswood Dreadknight as the adventure half of the spell from the graveyard, which should have triggered Insidious Roots, as it stays a creature until it enters the stack. T9 is where the line of play occurs from the attached Game ID.