Fixed Double Picking in Draft



Twice now, during drafts, I have gotten two copies of a card I selected. Literally, I received two copies of it into my pool below. This was not just a visual bug either, I was able to register both copies of the card in my pool if I wanted. (in this draft I was able to register what became my 4th copy of agent)

Here is a sample draft log:

First, every pick is labeled as "Pack X Pick 2", don't know if this is normal.
Specifically, if you look at Pack 1 Pick 8 (which is still labeled as Pack 1 Pick 2) on line 134, you can see I received two agents.

Here is an example of a Reddit user facing the same issue.
I don't remember if my pack specifically actually had two Agents in it -- I don't think it did. And this user also doesn't seem to indicate his pack had two Tolsimir either. But I'm gonna record my drafts going forward to see if I can figure out what causes this bug.

"You must enter a Game ID to log a bug. All reports not providing game ID will be rejected." cool but this happened in a draft, not a specific game, why so hostile


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This is not a game id Please submit a game id or some kind of info about your problem so the team can review in game,


It occurs in the draft section not the game section...? I was very clear about this and even mentioned it in my original post...

"submit some kind of info about my problem"... i did?? with evidence another player experienced it too...?

a match from the league where this happened was 266289105, but yea i mean it's not a bug that happens in matches, it happens in the drafting portion...
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