Not A Bug Collection Wildsong Howler/Ghastly Mimickry bug


This little bug shows up if you do the following:

Go to collection, filter cards in your collection using the following parameters:
Format Standard, Quantity Range set to only 0, Versions „Show Versions Seperately“ unchecked

Expected result: As I currently have at least 1 of each standard legal card in my collection, this filter should result in an empty collection display.

Actual result: Wildsong Howler and Ghastly Mimickry (both backsides of dual-faced cards) will be listed as 0 in your collection, even though I got 4 copies of Howlpack Piper and Mirrorhall Mimic.

Usually dual-faced cards get both sides displayed when filtering with Quantity Range set to 0. The Wildsong Howler and Ghastly Mimickry always show up.

Seems to be a bug.


Then the question is, why these two are the only cards showing up, isn‘t it?

There are quite a lot more double faced cards in current standard and all of those don‘t show up, except for the Wildsong Howler and the Ghastly Mimickry.

Has been like that before the client change, as well. Not sure if this happens to other players, I just found this to be very odd.