As Designed bug / error on Redeeming secret lair code


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Redeeming secret lair code​

  • b_w_johan
    • 1 day ago
    I've been trying to redeem a secret lair superdrop: Foils Forever Bundle - MTGO
    But after entering the code (lowercase) i got the message
    "Promotion unavailable
    We're sorry, but this promotion is currently unavailable or has expired."
    Double checked, copy pasted code this time (uppercase) and got a new error message:
    You can't redeem codes at this time."
    So i was like, maybe a bit of problems on your side, let me check again in a few minutes, copy pasted code again and i got the first message about promotion currently unavailable.

    Could you please help me out on how to proceed.

    Thanks, Johan


  • Apearently i needed to file bugreport on the forum instead of the bugreportfeature.... don't understand the automated message, but here's the copy paste of the bug with ID: Id #22175
Approximate Time Bug Encountered
12.25 GMT+1

Event or Match ID -1

Steps entering (and later copying) the redemption code via store. 2 different error messages and 1 repeated twice.

Troubleshooting Done
first typed code lowercase, then copy pasted the uppercase code second time i got a new error message, third time 5 min later i got the first errormessage again.


The redemption code was activated yesterday, so should have worked, but it doesn't.
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The code likely expired - contact Customer Service ( to see if you can have it redeemed as a courtesy