Could Not Reproduce Are the Urza lands bugged?


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I'm new to MTGO and I put together a Pauper MUD deck. When I tap my Uzra lands for mana, I get the 2-3 mana per land added to my pool, but it's not recognized while casting spells. Am I missing something?


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Click the small mana symbols at the bottom left when you're casting the spell to use the mana. If a land adds multiple mana, it doesn't automatically get used to cast the spell in case you only wanted to use some of it.


I've already maked a reimb request, but I was told to make a bug report too... so here it is:

1st: Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter
I have Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter. Dont play land. => Declare attackers => Allow you to play land on flash speed.

league id: 6998
match id: 254099469
game id: 819485506

2nd: Junkyard Genius

Card text tell other buff for +1/0, menace and haste. But it also buff itself too!

league id: 6998
match id: 254103955
game id: 819503658