Backlog Words of Wisdom makes the game crash


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When you try to use the ability of words of wisdom the game crashes and restarts, sometimes begins a loop where the game plays itself till the same point and crash again, sometimes it goes to the starting point of choosing mull or keep. Don't occur the same with other "Words of..." the same onslaugh cycle like Words of Wisdom or Words of War.
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I had the same issue with words of worship + sylvan library interaction the first time I used it, it looped and then restarted the game completely


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As stated above, Words of Worship crashes the game and forces a restart when it applies to the first card you draw in the turn. Here, I activated it on upkeep (you can see the effect pending in the 'Effects' area) and when priority is passed to go from upkeep to draw, the game crashes but keeps the game log.




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I've had Words of Wisdom used against me successfully a number of times without issue, but it's always been during a Main Phase when a Sorcery could also have been cast. I wonder if it's a timing issue.