Where to Request Card Additions to MTGO?


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While MTGO was still being managed by WOTC, I know that people had initiated a request to add Sacrifice as a card from the ABU sets; however, I'm not sure if that ever gained traction. Sacrifice is used a fair amount in conjunction with the Hoarding Broodlord / Saw in Half combo in the paper EDH format. I'm don't know if there is a technical reason to exclude this card from the MTGO database; however, there is a similar card called Burnt Offering that seems like it would be slightly more complex from a coding standpoint (i.e. makes any combination of R/B mana). The rub here is that the combined pips on the card makes it unavailable to mono black decks that would run this strategy on MTGO.



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I think the Suggestions forum may be "Where to Request Card Additions..." Seems to be where they do it for Commander cards.