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I've been playing Magic The Gathering since it's inception. I've played MTGO since April 2018. I've had to purchase a PC to run MTGO while being a musician knowing i need a Mac for it's eco system and recording software. I was then faced with a decision, MAC for music or PC for MTGO! I chose PC and ran it for about a year but I've since had to shift back to MAC as i cannot afford to have both of them. Since then i've had to use a Virtual Machine to play MTGO, especially now that Mac has gotten rid of Bootcamp for partitioning with now their M1 chips . I then tried a monthly subscription service through Paperspace, but then ran into Firewall issues accessing the other MTG websites for deck building, importing, downloading and renting such as Manatraders, etc. Now i'm back to a virtual machine that bugs out and shuts down tossing me out of games randomly which makes it difficult to complete a League. I then spent 4 hours last night and today debating the best most convenient option to play the game i've loved for decades. I can only get so much paper magic in while being a father, small business owner, baseball coach and musician. I then found my self writing out the pros and cons of a MAC vs PC contemplating a PC again, that's when i thought..... THE TIME IS NOW FOR MTGO TO FIND COMPATIBILITY WITH MACS, THIS SHOULD NOT BE MINE OR ANYONES BURDEN. PLEASE FIND A WAY, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE NEGLECTING A VAST MAJORITY OF YOUR PLAYERS, MORE SO THE ONES THAT HELPED YOU TO LAUNCH THIS GAME AND FIND SUCCESS IN THE EARLY 90'S.


Players: Post your story and frustrations here.
Wizards of The Coast: Let's finally make this happen.

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