Very slow loading times and lag in-game.


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@Angeliana, would it be possible if @YourBestFriend enters into a league with the cards that they are reporting as bugged, record a video of the interaction, and provide that to you? If it is still bugged as being reported, refund the entry and hunt down the issue more?


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I'm experiencing the very same problems as the creator of this thread. My MTGO worked fine for years, two weeks ago, after some update this issue starts occuring. I went through all troubleshooting possible, reached out the CS helpdesk, I followed all the steps they suggested, no success. Evidently, I'm not the only one with this issue. The problem is, I cannot participate in any leagues, because I don't want to lose MONEY due to timing out. Would anyone be able to fix this? Apparently, there are more players experiencing this. This needs to be resolved, I paid already more than enough money for the game, and I cannot enjoy it!


Do you have any reproducible steps to share from a particular game? We haven't been able to pin down anything adding to the lag, unlike when we figured out Battles were directly causing lag back in the spring.


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This lag has been happening to me for the last two days, as well. Starts out fine, but after about two games, it starts slogging, causing multiple misclicks. Restarting the client (and even rebooting) only helps for another couple games, and then it's back. Received multiple MS Updates this week, so I'm not sure if that is involved or not. I've cleaned up my hard drive (though it didn't really need it), scanned for viruses/malware, and even unloaded all my extra cards to a secondary account. Still looking into it...