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Was in a commander game today when I noticed something.

Inkfathom Witch has the ability:
{2}{U}{B}: Each unblocked creature has base power and toughness 4/1 until end of turn.

In the glossary for the rules, there is this definition for an unblocked creature:

An attacking creature once no creature has been declared as a blocker for it, unless an effect has caused it to become blocked. It remains an unblocked creature until it’s removed from combat or the combat phase ends, whichever comes first.

This seems to mean that only the attacking-and-not-blocked creatures should be set to 4/1, but all creatures controlled by all players were being set to 4/1.

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Can confirm in solitaire testing that Inkfathom Witch turns creatures, even outside of combat, into 4/1s and this is not correct behavior.

There is a ruling on the Inkfathom Witch page stating so.

  • An “unblocked creature” is a creature that attacked and wasn't blocked. Creatures aren't “blocked” or “unblocked” until the declare blockers step, so activating this ability before then (or after combat ends) will have no effect.(2008-05-01)

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