Some QOL updates


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I was just gonna suggest some fairly minor QOL updates that I thiiiink most people would like you never know.....

1. An option to be able to pass phases with mana in the pool without it giving you the "You still have mana, are you sure?" prompt you have to click on.

2. Allow the "add 1 to deck" option from your deck area for commander, just like in any other format. I would assume the reason they dont have this for commander is because for the most part you could only have 1 of any card anyway. But it would just make things easier when messing around with basic lands so you can add one more right there rather than having to search and find the exact same art of the land you want.

3. Fix "Update with a version in your collection" so it always works. Sometimes if I like sell some cards to get foil versions of them for decks, when I find the decks that now have a missing card in them there's the "update with version in your collection" option. But usually there's not. Would be cool to always have that option as long as you had another version of the exact card. Maybe even something REALLY great like a "Update ALL missing cards with versions from your collection" option.

4. An option to add reminder text for abilities. I know MTG pretty well but sometimes even I forget what a certain keyword does and I actually have to google it. Would be cool if like Arena, when you clicked on a card with like "Skulk" you can see a lil extra description of exactly what Skulk does or whatever.

5. Stop asking twice for saying no to payment effects. With stuff like Smothering Tithe, Rhystic Study, Mystic Remora, etc... it always asks you twice if you say no the first time. Would be cool if it just asked once.

6. When a suspended card gets it's last counter removed. Rather than dropping the card over in the corner and making you go over to click it. Would be cool if it was just a simple "Do you want to cast this card" with a yes/no in that same lil window and once you click yes, it's cast.

7. When rearranging the top cards of a deck with stuff like Sensei's Diving Top or whatever. Would be cool if you didn't have to click the last card and it just automatically put it on top since there's no other cards to arrange.

I think this could be cool but I can imagine some people would be like, "But nooo! It encourages infinites!!" and I understand it'd probs be a lot harder to implement, like coding wise would be cool if there was a way for the game to recognize infinite loops and give you an option like "Would you like to repeat these actions?" or something. Like even it just worked for some of the more basic ones. Like Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies, it could somehow recognize that the two cards could go infinite or like once you do it more than X times it prompts with a "would you like to repeat this?" and you could just put in a number of times you'd like to repeat it. Heh, I get this one is unlikely but just figured I'd throw it out there anyway since it could save both players a TON of time.