Smart Tapping Mana


Tapping for Mana in MTGO can be frustrating, and the game already has a button to hold to tap mana smart, however it doesnt behave that way. As far as i can tell if you have a dual or tri land, it will tap the mana in order by type (or top to bottom when your right click on the land) instead of using the mana you need when holding "W".
It would be smart if we tapped mana from left to right in the mana cost, and while holding "W" it would spend mana that land could produce. So if we wanted to cast "Invasion of Alara", we would tap lands in order from left to right while holding "W'. For cards that only require a single color, if I am casting a Red spell, and I "W" click a land while I have prompted the game I'm trying to cast said red spell, there is no reason for it to try to add blue mana from my steam vents. If a player doesnt have enough or the right colors to play a spell, you could either force the player to tap a land that could produce that color, or have a prompt box that says Undo all, and it just untaps the lands and refunds mana.