Slowness on sealed since update


I've noticed sealed games have started to drag as the games go on. Usually I seem my opponent's clock going down, I'm f-6'd and then the turn changes and I see their clock bounce back up 20 or 30 seconds and then mine goes down a bit. I only am noticing this on sealed games, possibly because of the bigger sideboard, not quite sure. It also doesn't start quite so bad, but I did try to relaunch the client while sideboarding and it didn't seem to help.


also it doesn't seem to be just me, my first two games have been down to 30 seconds or less left on clock for each player.


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Had the same experience with Sealed - it took forever to play out 9 matches and sometimes I had problems with managing my clock. I played some pioneer yesterday and that is running well.


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Let me second this sentiment. I've lost due to time in game two twice in the past two days when I can't remember the last time before that that I've lost to time at all. It takes 10+ seconds to pass priority when deep into a game.