thread_prefix.19 Shifting Grift incorrectly gives swapped creature to owner, not controller

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When Shifting Grift is cast and the first mode is chosen to swap control of two creatures, I creature I controlled but did not own was targeted. Instead of me gaining control of the other creature in the swap, the owner of the creature I had stolen instead got the benefit of the swap.

Seems like a clear case of the spell checking the owner and not the controller when making the swap.


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In order to be investigated, this post will need a valid Game ID. IIRC, MTGO_TonyM made a post somewhere that I can't find right now, pointing out the Game ID will be a nine digit number starting with the number 8. This is something Torbin failed to include in his "How to Report a Bug" pin, and probably needs to be added under the Game ID section... in bold... ;)


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What Firedrake said, but also I'm not quite sure what you're saying is bugged with the spell.

If you're trying to say that you tried to swap a creature you controlled of you opponents with another creature they owned, expecting to get both of them, that isn't how the spell works.


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No, that is not what I am saying. That is a very poor read of what was written, Neo.
  1. Opponent A casts Shifting Grift targeting:
    1. Their own creature that they control, Creature 1
    2. Creature 2, a creature controlled by me but owned by Opponent B (I had stolen it from Opponent B previously)
  2. Obviously, a control swap should simply swap the controllers of the two creatures. This did not happen.
    1. In the correct outcome, swapping control would give me Opponent A's creature and Opponent A would receive the creature I controlled (that belonged to Opponent B)
    2. Opponent B would not be involved in the swap, as none of the permanents they controlled were involved.
  3. Instead, Opponent B received Opponent A's old creature and I was left with nothing.
    1. The swap gave Creature 1 to Creature 2's owner instead of Creature 2's controller.