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Hello Everyone.

For a long time, mtgo economy has relied on bots. Manual trading (although possible) is very time consuming. Bot software in the ther hand, is very scarce and scary. I dont know if this suggestion has been given on the past, but, My suggestion is to include some way to set up shop and define prices on a card collection (not necesarily with credit system as bots nowaday uses). This way we can set up shop without having to wait ages to sell something on a random post.

An example of this would be... select binder, define price by rarity, or manually for the whole list, and then post and let people choose. System should check if transaction is possible with tix or not.
Also, there could be a buying function as well...

Hope you can answer my suggestion, thanks for your time


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Daybreak (and WotC) likely can't give you a first party way of assigning value to your cards because that would be tacit acknowledgement that the game pieces they make have intrinsic financial value, and then randomized booster packs quickly start to look like gambling. It obviously is gambling, but without WotC ever directly acknowledging the secondary market they can claim ignorance legally of what people choose to buy/sell/trade those game pieces for.

Also for your average person setting up a bot to do your own trades for you just isn't worth the time/financial investment, and that isn't even mentioning the topic of people losing money/cards when the value of cards suddenly shifts.


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This is not something we can help you with sorry friend but I am closing this thread.
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