Confirmed Reanimate on Phyrexian Metamorph is bugged


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Re-logging a bug report that was erroneously closed. This is an active bug. It occurs when casting a card like Reanimate (or similar card like Life/Death) targeting a Phyrexian Metamorph in the GY (or a similar card like Phantasmal Image).

The Metamorph/Phantasmal Image hits the battlefield and copies a creature, but the caster of the Reanimate or Life/Death loses life equal to the creature that was copied, NOT the CMC of the metamorph. So if you reanimate a metamorph targeting Blightsteel you will lose 12 life, when according to the rules you should lose 4 life.
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Testing in solitaire does confirm this to be the case, and that is indeed incorrect behavior based on one of the rulings we have on Reanimate.

  • The amount of life you lose is determined by the mana value of the card in your graveyard, not the creature once it's on the battlefield.(2018-12-07)

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