Question About Being "blocked" on MTGO?


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This is strictly out of curiosity, not complaining about people blocking me. But when someone blocks you is it possible you see their games as "buddy only"? I keep running into that where I'll play someone with an admittedly kinda annoying deck. And then from then on ill sometimes see their games as "buddy only" but other times people who have me blocked, I can technically attempt to join but ill get the "this person is not accepting challenges at the time" message.

Like do they switch it up to make it less obvious that you're blocked or something or do some people really just set their games to buddy only after playing decks they dont like? Again, totally not hating on anyone who just doesn't wanna play against my dumb decks, was just wondering how it worked.


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Both. They can set a game to Buddies Only to avoid playing anyone they don't know/like. They can also Block you, and when you try to join a game that's not set to Buddies Only, you'll see the "not accepting challenges" message you quoted. That's when you know you, specifically, have been Blocked.