Backlog Obzedat, Ghost Council is not returning from exile


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When you exile the Card Obzedat, Ghost Council with its own ability, the trigger will go onto the stack but the creature won't return to the battlefield.

Happened in: Match # 258244648 Game # 836062192
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This bug is in the backlog and has been reported here:

Known error. It is in "Backlog" to be fixed.

Known bug for a while. Multiple posts about it if you Search. It is on the Backlog list. You should be able to Upvote it below to help move it up the Backlog list.



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Thanks for the comment.
However, I'm not looking for confirmation, I'm looking for a quick fix...


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Activating Obzedat, Ghost Council's exile ability doesnt make it return at the beginning of your next upkeep. The creature will stay in exile, please reference the games below:

Match #265714921 - Game #866328436
Match #265714405 - Game #866327728
Match #265713630 - Game #866323964