Confirmed Mairsil the Pretender activating Dominating Licid's ability


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Just recently acquired Mairsil on the client and have been testing wacky things as I am want to do with the guy. One of the first was giving him the Licid ability to turn into an aura enchantment. I've found inconsistent behaviors:
In my testing, if Mairsil has only Dominating Licid as an activated ability(Or select other ones, namely Cryptic coat worked without issue), it works as normal(Not gaining control since that's a linked non-activated ability, simply turning into an enchantment and no longer being a creature)
However, if Mairsil has one or more other abilities(Not 100%, it has bugged in my testing every time he was given an ability with a tap or untap symbol) and activates the Dominating Licid effect, I was unable to activate any of his other abilities or end the effect.

Screenshot showing bugged Mairsil state
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In testing there does appear to be a bug with the Licid ability whenever there are multiple cards with Cage counters on them which causes him to permanently lose all abilities once you turn him into an aura. Even if you go to the next turn Mairsil still has no abilities when this problem occurs.

Event#268106405 Game#875720330