Confirmed Jeska, Thrice Reborn comes in with too many counters


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I played a few games now with Jeska, Thrice Reborn in my command zone and it seemingly comes in with some random number of loyalty counters when I cast it from command zone.

I played it one game and it was the 1st commander I cast and it came in with 2 counters. Another time it was the 2nd commander I cast and it came in with 5 counters. Just now I played it as my second commander and it came in with 6 counters.
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Can confirm that something is definitely bugged with the functionality of Jeska, Thrice Reborn. In my test game I had cast Golos twice, and instead of the expected 2 counters on Jeska, she entered with 11.

Event#268083294 Game#875630854


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Testing more to try to figure out how she's broken, and she will enter play with counters even if you haven't cast your commander at all. I have a suspicion of what's setting the value of her loyalty, but am not positive yet without more testing.

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I'm fairly certain Jeska is entering play with a loyalty value that is equal to the number of spells her owner has cast in that particular game. The last test above with her entering at 3 counters caused me to suspect it was linked to number of spells cast, and this most recent test appears to confirm my suspicions.

Edit: If you look back at my first response knowing that I discarded the Transmute Artifact to hand size, Tinkered the Chromatic Orrery into play, and count Golos twice the 11 counters in that test also line up with my suspicion of what is setting her counters is the number of spells her owner has cast.

Event#268083412 Game#875631314
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