Is the game more laggy than it used to be?


I'm under the strong impression that in late 2023 the game got significantly more laggy. It used to only get laggy after 4-5 matches, and rebooting and fixing the issue was easy. Now it's hard to even finish a single match without the client getting laggy. Impossible if you're playing a deck with many triggers like Familiars in Pauper.
I've heard of other European players having the same issue.
To clarify: I've deleted most of my decks and I shred many cards I don't use to keep the collection size at a minimum. I also disabled animations. None of this really helps fight the lag.
Is my observation accurate? If so, what's causing the lag, and is it possible to fix it? Playing non-aggro decks has become a lot harder.


I have the same perception and I'm also a European player. I've noticed recently that often when changing something on the screen, like entering sideboarding in between games, or when changing deck in the collection view, the cards get grayed out and I need to wait a while before I can change anything. Right now, it's just below a second of waiting, but earlier in the week it was more like perhaps 20 seconds of waiting, which seems like an absurd long waiting time for loading a couple of cards. It could be that my connection is sometimes slower, I don't have a great connection. But today, like I mentioned, it seems to be working smoothly.


Yesterday I noticed that many card images weren't loading, and the client seemed to be freezing again. Maybe they are part of the reason why the system freezes, or maybe they were inactivated as a part of trouble shooting, Idk.


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I noticed yesterday the game ran a bit "laggier" than usual. But I seem to recall a few pop-up messages about Pay events ending in Draws unceremoniously. The two may have been related, but much more detrimental to others, as I was just playing in JFF queues. It would appear the Daybreak game servers may not be fully up to the tasks they're expected to perform (which was one of the reasons max deck size was cut down from 1400 cards to 600 - - deck size was never a problem prior to the server move).


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Oh it 100% is. I forget the exact date but some update late last year just made everything suuuper laggy.

Admittedly its gotten better since. Like at its worst, the game was bordering on almost unplayable. You'd be sitting there clicking a card over and over and over until it finally registered that you were trying to do something.

But even now, I notice that the longer i've been playing the worse the lag gets. And it eventually gets to that point where you have to click the card over and over again until it does something.


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We have noticed a few users have said that it is more laggy but after a clean install and clearing the cache most the problems resolve themselves.
Games feel almost unplayable now. Clicking yielding and nothing happens for 10 seconds, then the time is refunded.

Messaging other players in game shows that they are having the same problems too.

Sometimes you write a message in the chat and it doesn't appear for 15 seconds.

It was never this bad when I starting playing almost a decade ago.