Incubate / All will be one interaction


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Will counters from incubate trigger All will be One?

Glistening Dawn and All will be One seemed like a very nice 2 card combo, but apparently Incubate works differently as the incubator tokens just enter with the counters on them and they aren‘t put on it.

Can someone with a bit more rules knowledge clarify this?

Toxic Stench

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From All Will Be One's Gatherer page
All Will Be One's ability will trigger any time you put one or more counters on a permanent or player. This might be due to a spell or ability resolving, a permanent you control entering the battlefield with counters, or combat damage from a source with toxic, infect, or wither.
The relevant rule is 122.6
122.6. Some spells and abilities refer to counters being put on an object. This refers to putting counters on that object while it’s on the battlefield and also to an object that’s given counters as it enters the battlefield.

122.6a If an object enters the battlefield with counters on it, the effect causing the object to be given counters may specify which player puts those counters on it. If the effect doesn’t specify a player, the object’s controller puts those counters on it.
There is nothing tricky I can see in the rules for Create either (701.6).

From my reading Incubating with Glistening Dawn should trigger All Will Be One.