How To Report and Upvote Bugs And Exploits

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Bug Reports
How To Report A Bug

Welcome to the bug report forums! Please make a new thread for each new bug, and include as much information as possible.
This is an English-only forum please post in English and or add a translation to your post.

To make your bug reports most effective, please follow these guidelines when reporting bugs:
  • Search
    • Before making a new bug report, please check to see if your bug has already been reported. Either use the forum search or at least scan the first page of threads.
      • If a bug report is found in CONFIRMED BUGS. You can submit a new post if you have a valid game ID. Otherwise, the post will be denied.
  • Report
    • If your bug is not yet reported, please create a new thread in this forum.
      • If a bug is reported and you see this please upvote that thread. If you have a game ID please log another ticket and it will be consolidated with the existing bug.
    • Discuss only one bug per thread. Please open additional threads as needed for multiple bugs.
    • Provide as much detail as possible, including steps to reproduce the bug. You can never post too much detail.
    • For in-game issues, be sure to provide a Game ID number so the Dev Team can watch a replay of the issue.
  • Discuss
    • Join the discussion in threads if you can add any sort of additional information.
    • Keep the discussion to bugs only. Posts should be informational and constructive.
  • Vote
    • Let us know which bugs are most important to you by clicking the vote-up arrow on the thread's first post.
  • Game ID
    • You must submit a game ID for bugs. If it is a website bug please create a post via suggestions.
Following these guidelines will make bug stomping easier and faster for everyone. Thank you for your support!
Please remember to search through the already-reported bugs and upvote that post if you have new information please log another bug report. If you find the one you were about to report, be sure to UPVOTE it to show you are also affected by it!

Please make sure when logging a bug that you select one of two options.
- Game ID (provide the game ID you experienced the bug in)
- Screenshot Or Video (this will show us if it's a visual bug or something not tied to a game ID)
Failure to provide these in a timely manner will result in your post being deleted or moved to the NO GAME ID MORE INFO NEEDED section of the forums

If you feel you are due compensation due to a bug, please send a ticket into Customer Service at and they will assist you with reimbursement as soon as they across your ticket in their queue.

When a bug is an exploit, it should not be reported publicly. This spreads the information and encourages more exploiting. (Sharing exploits is a forum violation.)

How To Report Exploits

Instead, head to the Exploit Reports subforum and describe the exploit and steps to reproduce the issue in a new thread, as you would for any other bug. Don't worry, this forum is private in that only you and developers can see the threads you make.

Remember, exploits should not be posted publicly and should only be posted in the Exploit Reports subforum. Thank you!

Thank you.
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