Confirmed Gold token glitched, requires tap to sacrifice.


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Gold tokens, most commonly created by King Macar, Gold-Cursed and Curse of Opulence, is an artifact token that you can sacrifice to produce any color mana. In MTGO for some reason gold tokens are required to tap in order to sacrifice them. As far as I know, gold has not been erratad at all, and should not need to be tapped in order to sacrifice it.
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Just want to bump this saying that Gold tokens are still broken, and require that they be tapped to activate. If this was an old obscure token I could see it being less of a problem, but Curse of Opulence was reprinted in the MKM precons. With the increasing number of cards with wording like Dauntless Dismantler, on top of somewhat common cards like Blind Obedience, being able to sacrifice a Gold token without tapping it can matter a lot.