Confirmed Goaded creatures vs Propaganda effects prevent the game from progressing


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In a multiplayer commander game, I controlled Collective Restraint, opponent A controlled Marisi, Breaker of the Coil, and opponent C controlled Primordial Sage. Opponent B had left the game earlier.

On A's turn, they attacked and dealt combat damage to opponent C, triggering Marisi and causing C's Primordial Sage to be goaded.

On C's turn, they had a goaded Primordial Sage that could attack. They tried the following actions but all were met with the "Illegal attack" warning:
1. Not attacking with any creature; illegal attack as the P.Sage was goaded and could attack
2. Attacking me with Primordial Sage; unable to proceed as they did not have the mana to pay (also they should not be forced to pay costs to attack, see rules below)
3. Attacking opponent A; illegal attack (this is the bug as C attacking A will obey the most requirements)

Comprehensive Rules 508.1d: The active player checks each creature they control to see whether it's affected by any requirements (effects that say a creature attacks if able, or that it attacks if some condition is met). If the number of requirements that are being obeyed is fewer than the maximum possible number of requirements that could be obeyed without disobeying any restrictions, the declaration of attackers is illegal. If a creature can't attack unless a player pays a cost, that player is not required to pay that cost, even if attacking with that creature would increase the number of requirements being obeyed. If a requirement that says a creature attacks if able during a certain turn refers to a turn with multiple combat phases, the creature attacks if able during each declare attackers step in that turn.
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