Confirmed Game not passing priority back to active player with Not of This World


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Steps to reproduce:
- It's the end of my turn, I am playing GB Turbo Depths and I have "no possible plays, yield all" active
- I have 2x Thespian Stage, 1x Bayou, 1x Dark Depths in play
- I have 2x Not of This World in hand
- opponent has 1x Knight of the Reliquary and 2x Witherbloom Apprentice in play
- opponent puts one white mana in pool and then activates Knight
- I answer by activating Thespian Stage and creating Marit Lage
- opponent casts Swords to Plowshare on Marit Lage, Witherbloom Apprentice triggers go on stack
- I never get priority back and I can't cast Not of This World to protect Marit Lage
- game proceeds to resolve stack and exile Marit Lage
- game stops on the initial Knight activation and passes priority back to me

it looks like the game considered Not of This World not castable for free on Marit Lage (lol) and therefore never passed back priority
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Can confirm that if you have auto yield until you have a response turn on, then cast removal with a Marit Lage in play, and a Not of This World in hand that the client will not give you priority to cast the Not of This World.

In this specific solitaire example I had also manually auto yielded to the Displacer Kitten trigger so that it triggering in response to the removal wouldn't interfere with the auto yielding. Before I intentionally removed/tapped all other things that would have given me priority the solitaire game was consistently giving my priority to all of my own spells/triggers unless I explicitly told the client to auto yield to a specific trigger.

Event#267916501 Game#875000956


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I would like to ask why this was marked as not a bug when it does appear to look like the auto yield system not properly giving you priority?.