More Info Needed Game gets stuck/freezes a bunch


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I keep finding that the client will just freeze up and go grey a lot of times making it impossible to do stuff.

Like I might open a trade with a bot seller and I can see the cards but everything is kinda greyed and I can't click anything. I'll be trying to make a new deck but, same thing, everything is grey and I can't click anything or add cards. It happens a LOT during the sideboard screen between games. Like I cant click submit or add cards, its just grey and frozen.

Sometimes ill be trying to type in chat and I can type but the actual "send" button is off and unclickable and pressing enter does nothing.

Another big pain in the butt that I know everyone has been mentioning is the game is just straight up way laggier than its ever been. Sometimes I'll have to click on a land 4-5+ times before it actually taps for mana or with any card ill have to click on it multiple times before the game registers that im trying to do something.

It does feel like everything has been kinda buggy and laggy since one of the most recent updates.


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The not being able to sideboard thing has even costs me games in league. Since....yeah it just straight up wouldn't allow me to do anything, the screen is just frozen. Its currently happening again as I type this out. My opponent had no problem using their sideboard though....

It REALLY sucks when it happens on a league game where there's prizes on the line.

League #: 7771
Match#: 264410058
Game#: 860885674