Implemented Foils that actually look good.


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Back in v2 foils looked great. I highly suggest looking up some old pictures if you can find them.

Then in v3 they got worse but still pretty nice. Black cards were the best looking IMO.

Now they are nasty. It's like a glare over the card. They were okay before the animation speed was reduced 75%. Now the animation makes them look even worse than having it off.

Please, do something about them. The foil market is in the gutter because no one wants to use them.


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I'd definitely LOVE to see this done! I actually really love the foils and I certainly would like to see them improved. TBH there's a lotta times when I can't even tell if the card is foil or not, it just looks exactly like the regular card because of the reduced shine and animation.

One weird thing I've noticed is that if a foil card gets any sort of extra effect on it. Like say Dryad of Ilysan Grove is giving your lands all types or Avacyn is making everything Indestructible. It seems to bring back the more noticeable shine and foil animation. If they could even just make them always look like that, that would be nice.

It's maybe a lil too complicated but even give people some slider option or something. Where they could choose to have foil off completely, have it just shine a lil or go 100% and have it be super shiny, glimmering and animated.


I agree with this too, in a lot of instances the foils are actually worth less than the normal versions, even though they are obviously much more rare. Maybe mess around with some of the more recent foil effects introduced IRL and see which would really pop on mtgo.


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I can't edit my posts apparently.

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. While animated it is considerably better than before.

But I am disappointed in the static version. I want more saturation or contrast. I want them to pop.


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A large portion of my collection is foil and I do appreciate the change. Looks a lot better than before already (maybe there's still room for even better looks, but it is a step in the right direction).

However, one big issue I got, is performance in the collection browsing. It feels like the client is always a bit lagging when trying to use the mouse wheel to fast scroll through the collection (half sesond to second before next row pops up... honestly that makes for a bad play experience, especially when building decks and you need to scroll through the collection to find certain cards...).

Maybe the devs could find a way to improve this. I might have a rather slow web connection and I'm certainly using a not up to date PC, but still, scrolling through a collection of pics should be a lot smoother than it currently is. I even started to store half of my collection on a second account, because having 150k cards on one account slowed the system down too much. My main account currently has ~72k cards left in it, and it's still slow scrolling (better than before, but not by a lot). And with foil animation turned on, performance is unfortunately even worse.


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The new foil is kinda cool but it is too much "washed"...still not better than the non foil.

Due to the new foil treatment, I spent half the day yesterday removing as many foils as I could from my active decks. I think they look hideous. Wish there were still bots around that would trade you two non-foil versions of the same card for your foils, lol.


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I honestly LOVE the new foils and I don't see the issue. But it is a bummer that stuff is all laggy now and the deal with the weird floating mana thing.

It also feels like clicks just aren't registering right. Like Ill have to click on a card 3-4 times before it lets me interact with it.