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This article contains a lot of mistakes.

Several sets are listed as fully implemented despite cards being missing:c16(ex: cruel entertainment) c19(ex:rayami first of the fallen), clb(ex:sailors' bane), cmr(ex: prismatic piper), cmm(ex: prismatic piper)

Several sets are listed as fully implemented despite some or all of the of those versions of the cards not being obtainable. This isn't as big of a deal but many of these cards feature specific artwork/expansion symbol/frame/foil state that matter for themed commander decks, cubes, etc: c15, c18, znc, khc, dmc, brc, 40k, 2xm, 2x2

This is not a comprehensive list of mistakes. I did not go through every set and card.

I understand that maintaning this list is a not insignificant amount of work for no direct benefit to you or players, but if you are not willing to ensure its accuracy it would be better to remove the article to avoid misleading people. Many of the people who view this article are probably players looking to get into mtgo and finding out a card they wanted to play with is not on the client despite being told it is may lead to some of them dropping the game entirely.


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There are a number of commander cards that we have access to from a reprint, but not the original printing, and I would like to see those original printing make it to modo eventually. I do not personally keep track of those cards though as I'm mainly worried about the cards that aren't on modo at all.

I doubt we ever get The Prismatic Piper or Faceless One outside of when/if they bring back Commander Limited events because they were mainly made as guardrails for Commander draft pods going horribly wrong. As collectible/obtainable cards I imagine they would have coding issues because of color identity of the rest of the 99, but at the same time the client does handle Cryptic Spires seemingly fine, so maybe they could be added.

The three big mistakes with the availability list are Commander 2016, Commander 2019, and Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate being listed as fully implemented, but they are still missing cards.

C16 is missing Coastal Breach, Manifold Insights, and Cruel Entertainment.
C19 is missing Rayami, First of the Fallen
CLB is missing 113 cards by my count (more if you count the original printing of things like Campfire), but I don't really feel like making this an exhaustive list of those cards.

I do maintain a list of the backlog for my own personal reference.


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Commander legends and commander masters are still listed as fully implemented. both of these sets contain "the prismatic piper". When these sets were added, the pack contents were altered to remove the card, making it uncollectable. This is relevant for players who would like to to play commander cubes and for some casual commander decks, so it is incorrect to say that these sets are fully on mtgo.