Download Match History


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Yeah! I would def absolutely love this!! It would be so cool to be able to have seen my ENTIRE match history over the years and a real overall win/loss record that doesn't get reset every time you have to reinstall or something changes.


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I wrote a post in another thread that explained how game history is stored on the client (and a longer explanation of how to back up your game history):
From my understanding and I could be wrong, the games are currently saved in the game history using a data file on the local computer called a .DAT file. It would be very helpful if there was a feature that allowed players to load a game replay by choosing the .DAT file that they want from the saved folder of their choice. This would enable players to select which games they want to save in their own personal game history on their own computer.

I kindly request that you consider implementing this feature so that players can save the .DAT file where they want. This would ensure that past games are not lost when a re-install or update occurs. Thank you considering.
Those .DAT files are serialized game (and chat) logs. They're essentially just a cache that the client dumps log messages to as each match is played, though they don't contain any useful metadata about the game itself.

There is a 'mtgo_game_history' file in the same directory that keeps a list of games played (it's what MTGO uses to list your game history in settings). It contains basic metadata about each game used for requesting replays from the MTGO servers, so moving this file over to a new installation allows you to restore the same game history.

I've also explained how you can back up this file in the MTGO discord:
Currently, only user settings are exportable from settings (which don't contain game history). It would be helpful to allow game history to be exported or be tied to each account similarly to binders and decks in the collection.