Does reporting win traders do anything?

Been trying to get some practice in standard leagues, but jesus christ, every single round is against a win trader who makes you sit there intermittently for 25 minutes to waste your time and help keep matchmaking slots open for their win trading. I've tried reporting them in the past, but the exact same names show up time and time again. So I suppose this is more of a hypothetical question in the header, but golly gee it would be nice if reports ever actually did something to make these leagues, y'know, playable.


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Ugh, that sounds really frustrating. Please do keep reporting them, so we can build up a critical mass of reports to get them banned. I bet many victims of win traders aren’t taking the time to file reports.

You can also list their screennames here so we can all keep an eye out and report if we see the same accts doing it.