Constant Harassment In Games


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It's been an ongoing and daily issue for me to deal with players intentionally timing out when they dont like the cards I play rather than conceding. When I confront the players and ask them why they're being childish, im often met with pretty vulgar harassment.

I'd just like to really stress how much this is an issue. I've had this happen with 4 separate people just within this very afternoon. I type this out cause its currently happening in TWO SEPARATE GAMES as im posting this. Literally within maybe 15 mins of each other. As im typing this post there are two different players that are just letting the time run out rather than conceding because they didn't like what I played.

When I ask the player why they're timing out, im often met with verbal harassment, name calling and even violent threats. The harassment is often misogynistic and sexual.

I DO report this harassment but its getting to the point where its so consistent I worry im just annoying the staff at this point. I sincerely dont want to be the person constantly doing that but....IDK what else to do. I've had to make two reports just within the passed few hours today.

I just wish there could be more serious consequences for this or that players could get temp bans for intentionally timing out. This is an every day problem for me. Every day, multiple times a day in every format from an assortment of players.


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Make as many reports as you must and do not worry about annoying anyone! Player conduct patterns are helpful for Customer Support to determine if consequences are necessary. Each and every report is thoroughly investigated and if sanctions are necessary, they will be dished out.