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Looked it up in the forum search bar and couldn't find anyone else reporting this, so I am going to (sorry if there's another thread):

It seems like city in a bottle does not prevent players from playing Bazaar of Baghdad (and possibly other lands or even spells, I have not done testing). It should prevent this based on the second chunk of text "Players can’t cast spells or play lands with a name originally printed in the Arabian Nights expansion."

The card DOES force the land to be sacrificed upon being played, but one can of course activate the land in response to the sacrifice trigger.

Here is a screenshot of the playback showing my opponent using the bazaar they just played while my city in a bottle was out. As you can see in the image, the trigger to force the sacrifice has gone on the stack, which makes sense, but I do not believe that they should have been able to play the card and get the activation out of it.

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Can confirm that in solitaire testing City in a Bottle does cause cards originally printed in Arabian Nights to sacrifice themselves, but does not stop you from playing them once it is in play.

Event#267453783 Game#873201790
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additional game it happened in, they played three bazaar while city was out and won when they very much should not have been able to do anything:

event # 267505564, game # 873410340