Can you fix the Delve mechanic breaking the 'No Possible Play: Yield All' function


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Currently in the client if you have a spell in your hand with Delve with at least a single card in your graveyard the client will give you priority whenever something goes onto the stack, even if you don't have the colored mana to possibly pay for the colored pips on the Delve spell. This isn't a super big problem with the Delve spells that are sorcery speed, but if you have an instant speed Delve spell in your hand this forces you to use the more all encompassing auto pass features unless you want to pass priority on everything that goes on the stack.

It's very frustrating when I happen to have Fierce Guardianship or Force of Negation in my hand along with a Dig Through Time and feel like I have to choose between my counters being functional by passing priority on every single thing in a multiplayer game of commander or use the stronger auto pass functions and likely miss my chance to use the counterspells. Normally with the 'No Possible Play: Yield All' function with Fierce Guardianship or Force of Negation in hand the client would only give me priority when a noncreature spell goes on the stack if you would be casting them for free..