More Info Needed Breath of Dreams Not Marked As Unimplemented


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Whether a card is implemented in the client is more complicated than you might expect. Some cards are unobtainable despite being programmed into the client. some of them can even be played with an all access pass. Example:dissatisfied customer

Some (but not all) of the cards that are unavailable are recognized by the client as being unavailable. If you try to add one of these cards to your deck the deck will be unplayable because "This version is unavailable and must be replaced with a different version". this is true even if you have all access. Example:unlimited edition lightning bolt.

Some (but not all) of cards marked as unavailable have a red border. I think this is just an indicator of whether the card functionality has been programmed into magic online. If you try to add a card with a red border to your deck then that deck will be unplayable because "This card is not currently implemented in Magic Online"

Its possible that the breath of dreams is programmed into the client, but is both unavailable and is marked as unavailable. Note that this does not mean it is programmed correctly. While there are probably some cards in the client marked as unavailable that work correctly (like creatures with no abilities), many of them (possiblely breath of dreams) are likely to have incomplete or buggy implementations.