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Think I just lost a match to what seems to be a bug with As Foretold and Electrodominance (but someone please jump in if I'm just missing something with the rules here).

It's my opponent's turn, and I have an As Foretold with 2 counters on it with Living End and Electrodominance in hand. I haven't cast any spells off of As Foretold this turn.

I use As Foretold to cast Electrodominance for X = 0, which resolves, but when I try to resolve the part of Electrodominance that let's me then cast Living End, Living End is greyed out (so I can't cast it). Should I not have been able to cast the Living End off of the Electrodominance for X = 0 that was cast off of As Forefold.

If this is a bug, could someone from the Daybreak team please let me know when it will be fixed?

I'm having trouble attaching a screenshot (not letting me link to Twitter where I posted it), but I can try again later if needed.
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Living End does have a null mana cost, but since Electrodominance is looking for mana value and should allow the Living End to be cast.

From the rulings of Living End.

As Foretold and Electrodominance both avoid the null mana cost by providing an alternative casting cost of {0} or having the "without paying its mana cost" wording.

It's not a large part of the meta, but there is a modern deck that seeks to use this interaction.