Could Not Reproduce Zombie Pack Rat token didn't create a copy of itself


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Hello, I just played a long, grindy Vintage cube game that culminated in an interesting scenario, but I think I ended up losing due to a bug. I had a Scarab God in play and during my upkeep with the Scarab God's trigger on the stack, I used Scarab God's activated ability to reanimate a Pack Rat from my graveyard, which created a 4/4 Pack Rat token with the creature type "Zombie." I then activated the Pack Rat token's ability which is supposed to "create a token that's a copy of Pack Rat" and nothing appeared to happen. It seems like the game created a token of a Pack Rat that was still a Zombie creature type, but rather than have power/toughness of 4/4 it still had power/toughness of */* which checked for the number of Rats I control (which was zero since both of the Pack Rat tokens were only Zombie creature type). I believe I should have ended up with two copies of Pack Rat Zombies with p/t of 4/4.