Workaround for Repeated Reinstall Issue


We are seeing reports that Microsoft's latest Windows Update may not have cured the repeated reinstall issue from the last couple weeks. We will look into this issue again today

As a workaround, we encourage you to get your settings the way you want them, then Export them to your Desktop using the button on the Settings page (gear icon)

Then if you have to reinstall later, use the Import button to get your Settings back to your preferences.


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The most significant concern regarding the reinstallations is the loss of chats from other players. Since August 24th, I have undergone 16 reinstallations, consistently occurring every 1 to 2 days. While the addition of the settings feature is appreciated, the loss of valuable chats and conversations with players presents a suboptimal situation. I would greatly appreciate a collaborative effort between Microsoft and Daybreak Games to find a more suitable resolution to this persistent issue.
I'm going to reopen this thread. I am asked to download and install every time I open mtgo. My current windows version is Windows 10, version 22H2 with the latest quality update KB5032339. I've restarted multiple times, including just prior to signing on tonight. Happy to provide more.

I play on a computer that has a couple legacy programs I use for work that I don't know if I can risk upgrading to Win 11...some things broke when everything switched to ipv6 as it is.

Happy to troubleshoot. let me know what you need.