Where to begin?


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I started playing ten years ago, and am currently really getting back into it after a few years. I had only ever played the game before, but now I'm also insterested in getting familiar with the lore. The problem is, where am I supposed to start when the lore is almost as old as I am? :LOL: Does it need to go in a certain order?


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Yeah, the lore is interesting, there are even books written about it. You would need a paralel life to go thru it all


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This may or may not be the best approach. What I did is picked the novel from the era whose cards I know best. That way, when I read about characters and things, I have a feel for who they are already and the story means more.
That said, it's risky as the quality of the novels varies WILDLY. If you want us to pick for you, Brother's War is often cited as one of the higher tier ones.