What's your most fun deck to play right now?


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To me this has nothing to do with winrate. Tier or not tier, it doesn't matter, I just was curious what other people really enjoy playing atm. :) Many decks that are good feel like work and aren't actually fun to play, and many T2 and weird brews are truly fun as can be. To me, I like to play decks that draw, draw, draw (like tron decks), or rely on razors edge play to "get through", like U Fae. Both are not really the most powerful decks, but are super fun! ^_^

So, what are your fun decks (known decks or brews)?


I've played a bit of pauper, and the deck I love most is the jund (my favorite color combo) ramp one that uses the indestructible artifact lands to turn the geomancy spells into rampant growths that draw you a card. The top end is a bunch of cascading draft all stars, which also happens to be one of my favorite mechanics