What to do as new player?


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I started playing MtG back when The Dark had been out for a bit and I've come and gone multiple times over the years. I played some MTGO back when it first came out and later on played a good deal of Arena before I decided I hated the design of that version of MtG so very much. I can't really play paper so I've thought about getting back into MTGO and created a new account and honestly feel quite lost. I don't know how to operate the UI, but I can't even get that far because other than the "newcomer" cards I have no deck and no idea what the points I was granted are even for. The onboarding experience for MTGO just really leaves new players utterly adrift.

So, what should I be doing to get into games? Preferably with not spending money just yet, I want to see if I can feel ok with the UI before I invest. Are there any new player guides that show how to put together a workable deck with just the new player collection?

Thanks in advance for any answers!
This tutorial from MTGGoldfish is good:

Cardhoarder has a guide that is a little dated, but does explain some important basics like how the economy works, how to trade with bots, and some of the different formats available.

If you're just getting started, I would open a free loan account through cardhoarder or manatraders (link to Cardhoarder below):

This will allow you to rent a few tickets worth of cards for free.
You can use the loan account to play Penny Dreadful, which is a player-created budget format which only allows cards that are worth a penny or two. Decks in penny dreadful usually cost less than 5 tickets so you will be able to build the vast majority of decks just with the free loan account and start playing real games of Magic.

Join their discord / subreddit to learn more:

If you want to go past Penny Dreadful, I just want to warn you that MTGO does require real money to play. The next cheapest format would probably be Pauper where decks are more like 30-120tix. There's also budget decks in standard and other formats that you can build for cheap if you look around. Good luck.


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Hi Spaceboy,

I'm new myself and would definitely try out rental programs. I haven't tried out Cardhoarder so can't give any thoughts on that but I bought the Premium subscription for Manatraders which is about 400 tix for around £35. You can try out so many decks without breaking the bank!