In Progress Venerated Rotpriest and storm mechanic


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I was in a modern league on turn 4 where I cast summoners pact into venerated rotpriest, then targeted the priest with 2 mutagenic growths, my op got 2 poison. I then cast ground rift on the priest, I got one trigger from the priest for the original copy of ground rift. Then when I resolved the storm trigger 4 copies of ground rift went on the stack all targeting the priest, however priest did not trigger for these copies.
I attached screenshots of this interaction occurring when I cast my second ground rift after the sequence I just described. file:///C:/Users/widen/OneDrive/Pictures/Screenshots/Screenshot%202024-06-10%20133018.png


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Sauteed_Onion, please upload your screenshots to a web image host like Your links are linking to your local OneDrive, which is not publicly accessible.