Declined unredemable cards

Please remove all the nonsense art "variants" from future sets, or at least from draft boosters and keep them in treasure chests. I hate opening cards that I either can't redeem or are worth less than their redeemable counterpart. The "Phyrexian Language" cards that are just the English version, just non-redeemable. If this isn't corrected, I see limited dying in mtgo. If I can't redeem my nonsense versions, it just seems like a waste


Limited is not dying in MTGO :)

We aim to be as faithful to the paper booster as possible. That said, we actually did take a step in that direction with ONE by removing all of the black and white Showcase commons and uncommons from boosters and putting them in MOPR instead.

These cards won't go away completely as it's part of the Booster Fun aspect that has been part of fueling Magic's rapid growth the last 5 years.