Could Not Reproduce Unable to get priority


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during match #267887378, I was unable to get priority. We were in my opponent's turn and their clock was running, so I was just waiting for them to pass priority. I waited for minutes, and at some point I was logged out. When logging back in, I was already awarded a loss.

This happened multiple times already and I'm confident it's not caused by my network because:
- as soon as I notice something weird, I immediately run an internet speed test (confirming >100Mbps) and start high-quality video streaming to confirm that my internet connection as stable and fast
- it happened to me on different networks

Unluckily I've been denied a reimbursement for this kind of issue, and they suggested me to post a bug report. They told me that I should restart the client every 2 hourse, but this happened about half an hour after login.
Given that reimbursement is not possibile for this kind of issues, I will have to stop playing any kind of event until it is permanently solved.

Thank you,