Fixed "Thran Vigil" activates twice the effect when a creature leaves the graveyard


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Dear Sirs.

About "Thran Vigil" it activates twice their effect when a creature leaves the graveyard.
I wanted to informed you so that you can solve it.
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I'm having the same problem. Thran Vigil triggers twice when a creature leaves the graveyard. This has happened to me twice, I've tried to attach screenshots but don't know how to upload directly from my computer.


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Just did various tests on Thran Vigil. It triggers twice when a creature/artifact enters the battlefield from a graveyard, but triggers only once when a creature/artifact leaves the graveyard to a different zone. Tested this with self-reanimating creatures (Tizerus Charger), self-reanimating artifacts (Sword of the Meek), both (Scrapwork Rager), and reanimation spells (Unbreakable Bond), all resulting in double triggers. Tested this with exile (Jack-O-Lantern), raise dead effects (Codex Shredder), and shuffle effects (Perpetual Timepiece), all resulting in single triggers.